Student Scholarship

Distance learning education is no longer a new thing. Online degree is the new flex. Imagine studying from the comfort of your home or office via online classes. About ten decades ago, distance learning education was rarely amongst the options of anyone seeking a degree. Today, online degree is now a thing for most students across the world. Students now attend online classes – not just the regular four-walled classroom that has been in existence for ages.

An online degree could also be taken with education grants. Education grants such as the Sons of Norway student bursary, the $2,000 Walter Jensen Scholarships or you may write down an application and send for the HACU Student Grants which is co-sponsored by the study abroad provider AIFS.

These education grants are designed to help you finish your online degree and other undergraduate and graduate degree programs you want.

As you enroll for an online degree program, note that there are mill institutions out there, online, that are not verified nor accredited by appropriate institutions and it is now your duty to carefully check and pick the right institution suitable for your online classes, and degree type. Looking up the validity of an institution’s accreditation may sound hectic and strenuous but it’s going to save you from lots of regrets later.

In fact, some accreditation bodies displays lists of institutions accredited by that specific organization so it is quite easier for you to confirm multiple institutions at a time from a single source.

If you fail to do a careful research and rush forward to register and commence your online classes at a non-accredited online school, you may end up regretting the whole act because employers and other relevant institutions such as an embassy or education grant providers already know the value of studying at an accredited academic institution therefore presenting a graduating certificate from a non-accredited school will result in a turn down of whatever you are offering or requesting for.

As you seek for an online degree, you could apply for the East-West Center Student Bursary, or the Heather Jow Leibowitz Academic grant worth up to $5,000 per recipient.

We have more information regarding these education grants in our database and it’s free for you to look up and learn more about the scholarships you‘re intending to apply for.