About us

Student Bursary is a website that is intended at promoting the best practices when it comes down to identifying great ways of notching up a scholarship. We are aspiring the be the world’s foremost bursary website which will provide information, day in and day out so that our scholarship database is kept up to date and well-organized.

There is nothing bad about our website. Just have a flick through its pages. There come the scholarships, they provide the gist of what you need to know about a scholarship. Even though we keep it concise we do not miss the essence.

You will find all the available data on our webpage and if additional details are needed, a link to the official scholarship will be provided duly. We rely on an army of well-trained writers who make the most of their day by collating and gathering scholarships. Our team will even place a call to the institutions that are issuing the scholarships in the event that there is something dubious about their credibility.

This is quite the nifty little way to find what you need to kickstart your studies. Let us face it, it is hardly pleasant to be hunting scholarships for hours on end. Instead, you can just take a look at our pages. We’ve done the leg work for you, but we also add value to the scholarships as we read and synthesize them for you.

It is an outstanding offer that comes for free. We even have newsletters coming from top universities so that we could be the first to inform you about what the hottest new things in the world of scholarships is. You will definitely benefit from checking us up regularly if you are currently looking for a scholarship.