Need money to pay for college? Consider this scholarship

Students who find themselves in financial need can easily apply for this scholarship offered by real estate company, Movoto

After months of soul-searching you finally decided into which field to go, college education wise. Now you’ve probably enrolled with a traditional or online bachelor degree and you feel excited thinking about all the future possibilities.

But have you considered the financial aspect of attending a college education online or offline? Even if you currently don’t have the kind of money you’d need to pay for your college tuition in full, you have a few options to consider. The first one is to take out a loan. But that means that once you graduate you will have worry about paying back the money. The other option is to apply for scholarships and grants.

Students of offline or online bachelor degree programs ask yourselves this: would you rather spend hours applying for scholarship or years paying off student loan debt? We believe the answer is obvious to this one. Scholarships are indeed the much better option here. You see, once you complete your college education online or offline you won’t have to pay them back. And you can apply for more than one during the same academic year.

But how do you find the best scholarship opportunities out there and to make sure you’ll be able to get them? You should start by finding and subscribing to websites such as ours which are committed to delivering the best scholarships news you can find. This way you will be up to date with the latest scholarship opportunities – you’ll know what it takes to apply, as well as when you can apply and lots more additional info.

Another trick is to apply for scholarships that apply for scholarships that offer smaller amounts of money, as the competition isn’t so fierce with these ones. As we mentioned above, you can cumulate two or more scholarships and use the funds to pay for your tuition.

Here’s an interesting example to consider. Real estate company, Movoto is inviting students to tell the world more about the place from where they come from.

Participants in the “5 Hidden Gems of My City” will be required to write a short essay in which they highlight five points of interest in their home town like a historic landmark, an interesting restaurant or other similar attractions.

The winner for the $1,000 scholarship will be selected based on the originality of the article. So if you have an idea about what makes your home town special, don’t hesitate to apply.

Students with a flair for writing and genuine love for the city they were born and grew up in are invited to apply. You see another sure way of securing a scholarship is to get personal. Instead of burning yourself out applying for every scholarship opportunity you qualify for, do something different instead and have a little fun!

Apply for a scholarship that truly interests you. The more personal the scholarship, the more likely your passion will shine through resulting in better chances of getting the said scholarship.


  1. Am ocira Emmanuel from Ugand…please am need of scholarship am an orphan and has no where to get fees

  2. hi? I am from Burundi and I wish continue my studies in master but I have nowhere to get money simply I was growing orphan from my childhood so I beg you an assistance to fulfill my dream.

    Thank you

  3. I will be grateful if am granted this scholarship for my dream to come true , so that I can save lives and give better health care through me joining medical school thank you

  4. I live in Indian occupied Kashmir and its really difficult here to study for students who wish to study ,due to poor economical condition,it adds to my miseries. Please give me this opportunity so that I continue my studies and turn my dreams into reality.

  5. Hi I really which to complete my high school but I don\’t have the money to do so.i wish to apply for a fully funded scholarship I will be happy if I am choosing

  6. Hi dear/madam I want to preferred this chance to develop my potential and experience so, please help me to fulfill mt hope . Thank YOU

  7. Hi dear sir /madam i want to prefer my goal to achieve the high potential experience and help me to acquire scholarship over diploma site

  8. Hi, Sir/Madam am a first year student pursuing a Bachelors degree in agriculture, i will be glad to be granted a scholarship,

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