Females looking to fund their education can apply for The Future is Female grant

University fees are skyrocketing, but luckily you can turn to scholarship providers and ask for help

If you talk to any offline or online college student today, you will inevitably end up discussing scholarships. But why have bursaries become so essential to the majority of students who want to graduate from their accredited online universities or traditional ones?

Well the main reason is that college costs a lot more than what it used to. Surely tuition at an online college might be more affordable when compared to their traditional counterparts, but it’s still quite high.

The economy is on the rocks too, so parents aren’t making as much money as they used too which is reflected in their investment to your college fund. A study, that was conducted by Gallup a few years ago, found that the number of families who planned to cover more than half of college costs for one of more of their children has dropped considerably.

This lethal combination – high university costs and unstable economy – is what drives thousands of students to search desperately for scholarship opportunities to help get them through college. Fortunately, scholarship opportunities are plenty – if you satisfy the minimum requirements that is.

Students of accredited online universities or traditional ones often find they can’t apply for funding because they don’t fit certain criteria. For example, their GPA score is not high enough to be considered for financial aid.

Most schools set a grade point average minimum to keep the scholarships following and even (some) need-based grants are awarded based on your academic performance, so be very careful how you treat your school work if you’re still in high school.

You should also take into consideration another aspect – some scholarships will be revoked if you are not capable of sustaining a minimum pre-set GPA. So in certain cases you will have to work very hard in order to keep your scholarship.

Case in point, you won’t be able to apply for this scholarship unless you have a minimum GPA of 3.0. True and Co. is awarding a sponsorship worth $3,000 to a female student that is an undergraduate in college at the time of the application.

In order to register your interest for this scholarship you will need to submit the answers to a few questions. For example, True and Co. wants to know “What inspires you?” or “What course do you want to enroll in and why?”. All answers should be up to 200 words or less.

The deadline application is November 1. It’s an easy to apply scholarships which only requires a few well-crafted words to apply, so you should definitely take some time out of your day and try and answer them.

Most scholarships applications are lengthy and they require you send in tons of documents like CV, letters of recommendations and transcripts. Fortunately, not all funding programs are like that.

Remember to send in as many scholarship applications as you possibly can in order to maximize your chances of success. Keep trying until you succeed.



  1. Hi Im Lauryn from uganda,i need to go for a diploma but i just cant because of financial problem.I will be so grateful if my request is considered thanks

  2. Am Ochircan Kassim Juma, from Uganda looking for scholarship to study Bachelor of Physiotherapy. if the chance is there ,please help me.

  3. Hi. I have high diploma in accounting management then i need scholoraship to start university in London( bachelors in business management) please help me. Be blessed

  4. Hi I am Irrat.I live in Indian occupied Kashmir.I want this scholarship. Please helpe ,as the financial conditions of our family are not enough to support my education.please give me this opportunity ,so that o can continue my studies.

  5. Hi I amfrom Nepal and currently looking for medical degrees in UK . But it doesn\’t seem possible for me to afford the expenses required for the course due to the financial problems since I do not belong to a well to do family. Please I really want this scholarship to continue my further studies.Hence, I sincerely request you to grant me this opportunity.

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