The Chosun University in South Korea, with the help of their SoC Design Lab, opens their doors to foreign applicants who wants to enroll in their Ph.D degree programs. Through their objective, which targets the creation of a creative and enthusiastic young stars, they are looking forward for them to solve the world’s global challenges in terms of sensing devices that are bio implantable. These devices are essential part during a medical diagnosis.

As the Chosun University continues to provide several student grants to fund PhD or a college degree program that is intended for both local and foreign applicants, they built an important role in recruiting international students in the program for post-graduationwithin the last few decades.

With its groundbreaking, interdisciplinary program, and a meticulously selected unit of young or the future scholars from around the world, its IT faculty serves to enhance the academic excellence of the Chosun University.

For foreign or international students, this is one of the student grants that they can apply to fund their chosen PhD or college degree program. It will cover all of the tuition fees as well as the living expenses. A dormitory is also offered, either inside or outside the university.

To qualify for this scholarship, the applicants are required to submit and meet the following criteria:

  • Must possess a foreign citizenship (both the applicant and his/her parents)
  • Must possess a master’s degree or will be graduating
  • Must take his/her master’s degree in a foreign country
  • Must have at least an IELTS of 6.0 or and IBT of 80
  • Must have a higher CGPA

Since South Korea is a well-known country for its rigorous and well-defined education system, many foreign students wish to pursue their studies there, thus making the competition for a scholarship a tough one. Some of the documents that they are requiring from the applicants are:

  • A copy of the recent transcript of grades
  • A copy of a certificate of graduation
  • A CV (it must contain the following: Birthdate, address, photo, email address, industrial/academic involvement, and others)
  • A copy of the IELTS or IBT score sheet
  • A PDF of the applicant’s master thesis
  • A PDF of the applicant’s published journal papers

The documents must be submitted on or before November 30, 2017 on this email: Applicants who will submit the following documents after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation.

On the other hand, the applicants are also encouraged to answer the application form which can be accessed here,while the scholarship can be directly accessed using this link.

For further details and updates regarding this scholarship, please check the scholarship provider’s website.



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