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The question of whether distance learning degrees or online degrees have less value than traditional one has been lingering in the air for years. But while completing your studies online may have advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional colleges, employers usually tend to be more concerned with the reputation and the quality of the education that was provided by the educational institution the potential employee attended.

A study dating back from 2013 titled “The Market Value of Online Degrees as Credible Credential” found that employees usually perceive education that includes daily attendance and classroom instruction is more credible than online education.

Fast forward four years into the future and employers are now more open towards online education, especially if they themselves had experience with it. It’s true that distance learning degreesand online programs’ reputation have taken a beating, thanks to the unethical diploma mills. The perception is quickly changing, but remember this – it pays to be careful.

When looking at online colleges, keep your eyes open and try to spot any red flags. You should always research the college you’re thinking of applying. Find out all you can about its history and if possible talk to some ex-students. Search for testimonials and student feedback on forums or social media.

On top of that, make sure the college is offering federal student grants. If it doesn’t, it probably means it’s not accredited which means you should be walking away. Accreditation is another issue you should put on your list.

If a college isn’t accredited, then you shouldn’t waste your time and money taking its classes because your diploma won’t be worth anything once you graduate.

Once you have verified that your online college is in good standing, you can go ahead and tackle another student-specific problem – paying for university.

It’s true that the majority of online programs tend to be more affordable than their traditional counterparts, but even so, you might still require a sponsorship. If that’s the case, you should start your search early. Student grants are available from a variety of sources, but it’s important that you apply to as many as possible to ensure that you secure at least one scholarship.

Don’t know where to get started? Here’s a scholarship program you might want to take a look at. Camping website, RoverPass is looking to award a $1,000 scholarship to a student that is currently a high school senior or an undergraduate college student (both offline and online alumni can apply).

To apply, candidates are invited to submit an essay (500 to 750 words) which addresses the following topic: “What makes you passionate about building a business?”.

On top of that students are required to include a transcript of their coursework and their resume which should highlight their work experience, awards and honors.

The selection will be made based on the creativity of the essay, but work history and academic performance will also play a part in the judges’ decision. The deadline for this scholarship is December 31, 2017.


  1. I\’m Daniel Deng Gabriel from South Sudan requesting for a full funded scholarship n currently studying in International University of East Africa n want to go for further studies in abroad

  2. I don\’t want to study online i want to study abroad.Please offer me a scholarship that can fund me to study.

  3. Hai, this is Mathews Kalinda from Zambia. I am very interested if you consider me. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  4. Wub medical university glanced through my documents and offer me a chance to apply for their admission.
    Sadly, the scholarship is not awarded to foreigners and the tuition is also high.
    Hope and pray that you would be kind enough to grant me student bursary.
    Will be much glad when responded.

  5. Hai, I have completed in Chemistry now I want to do m.phil and p.hd in same subject .I can\’t afford expenses for this . therefore I want to do this by gaining scholarship .

  6. Please sir help me please I am orphan boy who needs something to the abroad and I don\’t have plz help me sir!!!!!!!!

  7. Would love to earn scholarship to study MBA in any accredited university. If i get one, i will highly appreciate. Thank you

  8. Hello sir/madam I am happy given a chance. Writing to you for help on a scholarship to further my education abroad so I may develop my ideas in agricultural science. thanks Awasume Peris Ngwese.

  9. Good day sir/madam, I\’m Kingsley Ebube from Nigeria. I have a diploma in Community Health and earnestly desires a scholarship to study medicine which I\’m passionate about as to serve humanity better. Thanks in anticipation.

  10. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Iam From South sudan and I have a Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University and I would like to apply for Bachelor degree but I lack financial support from my family. However, I would like you people to consider me on the scholarship programme.
    I will be very please to if you help me out of thid situation.
    Many thanks,

  11. Am Abindu Geoffery from Uganda teacher holding diploma but hoping for further studies so as to pursue Barchelors degree but not doing well financially.kind request to your office for scholarship towards my dream is highly appreciated

  12. Am Emmanuel Agbaji from NIGERIA, A student of business management. diploma but hoping for further studies so as to pursue Barchelors degree but not doing well financially.kind request to your office for scholarship towards my dream is highly appreciated

  13. Hi, Am Mukite Humphrey I Finished My Kcse Last Year And I Managed To Get A C- . Am Requestin A Scolarship For Any Certificate Course Or Diploma.My Country Is Kenya.Phone Number 0708919265

  14. Using a Masters as a stepping stone for a PhD and more higher level of research.

    Wherever you choose to study, a postgraduate course could just be the first step in a longer journey. please help me to success my journey.

  15. Hi
    kindly I need your help to get this scholarship
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  16. Greetings from Alimamy,I will be very much appreciated if you grants me the opportunity to have a scholarship to study in one of your institution.

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