Pay for your associate degree with this scholarship

Paying for college is now easier thanks to the multitude of scholarship opportunities

In lots of case, prospective students might want to jump on board with a degree, but are unsure if they will have time for a bachelor. If that’s the case with you, consider an alternative route – you could enroll with an associate degree to get a diploma a bit quicker in order to ensure a bump up in your job. Then you can truly consider a full bachelor degree.

Associate degrees not only take less time to complete, you can also take them online from the comfort of your own home. Surely, an associate degree online might not be a fit for everyone, but experts say there are benefits to choosing this route.

But before getting all excited about the prospect of online education, you should stop and consider a few things. For example, perspective students should determine what types of services are available for online learners. To give you an example, as a student of an associate degree online will you be eligible to receive funding? This is a question that demands and answer and you shouldn’t proceed without knowing the exact situation at your college of choice.

Another important aspect to consider is who are the faculty teaching these online courses. As with many online education programs, students should be able to gauge whether the educators have experience teaching in this format. That’s because teaching online might be more challenging than students realize.

These are a few things you need to take into consideration when entertaining the idea of pursuing an associate degree online.

Once you decide this is the route you wish you take, you should focus on another aspect – getting funding. Even as an associate degree student, you can apply for a plethora of funding opportunities. These scholarships can be offered by third party institutions and other organizations with an interest in providing support to students in financial need.

Here’s an example of such scholarship. Fitness and nutrition website, Fitwirr is looking to award a $1,000 scholarship to students who are interested in staying healthy throughout college (it’s not an easy task to do that).

In order to apply you need to be either an undergraduate (associate degree students included) or graduate student. You’re also required to write an essay on the topic “How to eat healthy in college”. As challenging as it might be, eating healthy while studying for a degree is a palpable goal. Your essay should address the challenges students face in order to prioritize health and nutrition while balancing the challenges of college life.

The application should also include a few personal details (full name, phone, address, email), as well as a proof of enrollment.

You have until December 30, 2017 to apply for this grant. However, before you send your essay out, be sure to read it and re-read it in order to ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes have slipped in. Also, it would be recommended to ask a friend or family member to proofread it for you, as well.


  1. i agree but i want a full scholarship in electronic engineering thanx very much i have well done results

  2. Hello Sir good morning.
    pls how can I access this scholarship and register for it?
    I just finished my BSC program in CHEMISTRY and I need a scholarship in PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY.

  3. for me i,m very poor, i want to ask you a full scholarship by BA degree in Economics. I have BA degree In Economics in Ethiopian cariculum. I want another degree by ur!

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  5. Hello;
    I have just concluded my senior school examination and I have a very good result, but my parent are very poor.
    Am from Sierra Leone I really need help in my education life.
    God will bless the kindhearted individual and grant him or her, his or her heart desire..

  6. I really want you to help me with the scholarship program,am interested in continuing my degree program in geography abroad.

  7. l am Rumbidzai Mahlanganise from Zimbabwe l just finished my high school and l passed but l am kindly asking for a full scholarship to study a degree of pharmacy because of no money.. Thank you l am looking forward to your help

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