Associate degree students can fund their education more easily

Associate degrees are cheaper than their bachelor counterparts, which makes paying for them using scholarship more facile

In today’s crumbling economy, finding a well-payed job is become more and more difficult. Once upon a time, if you stayed with an organization for long enough, there was a good chance you were going to be promoted to a higher paying job. That’s not the case anymore.

More and more companies are looking for employees who aren’t extremely well trained in their profession, but also a lot more educated. For this reason, it might not be easy to find a well-paying job if you don’t have a bachelor degree or higher. But here we encounter a paradox – not all bachelor degrees lead to high paying jobs. Some results in huge amounts of debt a young adult barely entering the working force can’t dream to handle on his/her own.

Fortunately, there are some jobs and careers that pay a good salary, without you having to sign up for a bachelor degree. For example, online associate degrees– which are two year programs – can get you a job with a decent pay.

According to US national data, one of the best-paying offline or online associate degrees are those which train paralegals or legal assistants. So if you like helping the juridical system or conduct legal research, this career path might be for you.

Associate degrees are also worthy to consider because they are a lot cheaper than a bachelor’s. And if you apply to a few scholarship opportunities along the way, you can be sure you’ll graduate without debt hanging over your head.

Every person interested in enrolling to college should take some time to research the students grants that are available to apply for. Students grants and scholarships represent money you don’t have to pay back once you graduate, so they are an effective way to pay for college.

And the good news is that there are plenty of scholarship opportunities for people enrolled in associate degrees. You just have to perform a few searches online to find them. Don’t know where to start? Here’s an idea.

Consider applying for the student grantsoffered by car insurance company, Hermann & Hermann. In a bid to raise awareness about distracted driving and make public roads safer, Hermann & Hermann is inviting undergraduate students to submit an essay (600 words or less) that addresses this topic: “What kind of effects do you believe we will face as self-driving cars become more prominent on the roads?”

It’s an interesting topic to ponder about, so if you have an idea about how to answer this one, go ahead and get a piece of paper and pen and start organizing your thoughts. The first prize winner will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship for college, while the second place will get $1,500. The third place will receive $1,000.

You can apply for this scholarship online until December 1, so make sure you don’t miss the deadline. Write the date somewhere, so you don’t forget about it. We wish you good luck!

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