Some scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement

Looking for ways to fund your education? The easiest way is to apply for a college scholarship like this $1,000 grant offered by Creative Safety Supply

As a student or perspective student of degree programs you are probably familiar at least we the concept of scholarship. Scholarships and student grants are forms of financial aid that students are not required to pay back upon graduation. Using this free money, you can easily pay college. However, in most cases in order to keep receiving the scholarship money, a student will be required to maintain a certain GPA. Some other student grants require annual applications in ordered to be renewed.

But the good news is that scholarships come in all shapes and sizes, and if you try hard enough to obtain one you will probably do so. There are countless reasons students of degree programs should apply for financial aid. Scholarships allow people from all socio-economic backgrounds to earn an education. With college tuition constantly on the rise for the last few years, many students face difficulties in paying for a degree without assistance from an outside source. That’s why scholarships and grants are invaluable tools for people who can’t afford to pay for their degree.

Where can you find scholarships? Well funding opportunities are available through many different avenues. Students and their families should check with companies, organizations, foundations, as well as with their high-school or college guidance office to get started. In addition to these resources, there are websites (like our own) dedicated to getting you the best scholarship opportunities out there.

But remember – getting a scholarship will take time. It’s not something you will achieve in two or three days. The key is to be very persistent in your search and to be always on the lookout. If you think you can qualify, apply.

Fortunately, scholarships are awarded based on different types of criteria, not just academic performance or financial need. Have a unique hobby or plan to pursue a certain career in life? Chances are there are scholarships out there that target students exactly like yourself. It’s all about finding the right ones.

Here, let us offer you an example of such a scholarship program. Offered by Creative Safety Supply – a company funded to provide the best industrial safety products for business – the scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the application.

Candidates must submit documents which attest that they have a minimum GPA of 3.0. On top of that, they are required to submit a personal statement (between 300 and 500 words) that describes the applicant’s career path and goals. Furthermore, a second essay between 500 and 1,000 words that addresses the problem of creativity and problem solving in achieving personal goals is also required as part of the application.

An independent selection committee will judge this essay and decide the scholarship winner. The grant is worth $1,000. Interested candidates can apply until December 15 for the chance to win this college sponsorship. The grant is non-renewable and is offered on an annual basis.


  1. Hello
    How are you?
    My name is Mehammed Jima. i live Ethiopia.
    I went to learn in this university please i have big dream to success my dream i need your help i have poor parents .i need a scholarship please ….help me. I waiting.


  2. Hello
    how u do?
    this is teklebrhan hailay from Ethiopia .
    I went to join to this university.i have strong dream. but I need there respected and kind support from u to success,hence am from poor parents and I need scholarship.please help me. thanks for your every thing!

  3. I really need this scholarship,but then I don\’t know how to apply for it, please I need help..from zambia

  4. I\’m Tegegn Helamo from Ethiopia.I wants your aid to improve & success my dream through God.I have greatest dream that is to learn Msc program in my child life but I don\’t have any power to success.please become power for me to success.I wish the best.

  5. From : Sierra Leone

    Dear Dear/

    I am interested in your scholarship program. I would like to study Linguistics or human resources management under your scholarship program on humanitarian grounds. please help me out. Best Regards.

  6. Hi
    I have high school diploma in accounting management then i need full-scholarship to start university london college in business management. Please help me for full scholarship. Be blessed!

  7. Morning, with all due respect I would like to thank your efforts of brightening our future GOD bless. Can you please assist me as I apply for this scholarship.

  8. Hi
    I am Xolile Vilakati from a poor background. Lost my parents at a young age. I am a breadwinner to my younger brother. I applied to two colleges and was accepted by one. PLEASE HELP ME ON HOW TO APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP.

  9. please help me to win this opportunity and I have GPA of 3.250and I want study abroad halp me!
    only 5 months left to finish my first degree in civil engineering from Ethiopia

  10. I am Robert Stopey from Malawi and currently I have first degree with GPA of 3.4 and MBA GPA of 3.94 and looking for a scholarship to support my further studies please assist. My contact number is +265884661352

  11. I am Varfley Dorley from Monrovia Liberia. I am interested in scholarship for computer engineering science. But can I get your

  12. Am in urge of requesting if you can grant me the scholarship to study in Canada. I will appreciate so much for your response. Thank you.

  13. I’m Stumay Peter John from Tanzania, I have been looking for scholarships for so long so as to study in USA and I am very interested and I want to reach my goal I have completed my Diploma level and got a GPA of 4.0 I will appreciate so much for your response and your help.Thank you.

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