Online students can get their education funded a lot more easily

Online students looking for funding opportunities should check out this scholarship offered by FormSwift

If you have been thinking of enrolling with an online school but you’re still undecided, you should keep reading. College education online often gets a bad rep – but these days, earning degrees online is not an oddity anymore.

In 2012, an estimated 86% percent of traditional colleges were offering online courses and more than one-third added full online degrees to their repertoires. We’re in 2017 now and some online school programs have gained a respectable reputation, as more and more students flock to enroll with degrees of this type.

Why is interest sparking in online degrees? Well thanks to undergraduate online programs, students can maximize their extracurricular lives, while pursuing their academic goals at the same time.

One major benefit of college education online is that there are virtually no synchronous class schedules. Naturally, students are expected to meet deadlines, but it’s in the student’s power to decide how to do it. In the virtual classroom, a student can build his/her schedule based on motivation, instead of classroom time.

Furthermore, online education eliminates any fees associated with housing and living on campus. On top of that you’ll get to go green and save the planet, as online programs don’t usually require physical textbooks and study materials, as everything is offered in digital format.

And with all the cost reductions, online students are more quick to pay for their college degree than their traditional counterparts. That doesn’t mean that online students can’t access funding in the form of scholarships or grants. Of course they can.

Most scholarship programs are open to all students – traditional or modern, although some grants or bursaries might be targeted only at one particular class of student. It’s important to search and find the ones you can apply to. But if you’re new to all of this and don’t really know where to start we have a proposition for you.

Why don’t you check out this grant? FormSwift – a company that specializing in helping you get the documents and forms required to get your business off the ground – is offering a scholarship to which both US and international students can apply.

FormSwift awards four scholarships each worth $1,000 to a student who can create a business plan infographic which reflects his/her vision on how to succeed in one of these business: startup, restaurant, non-profit, transportation and clothing. If you have an idea, go ahead and start working on your infographic.

There are four deadlines, so as soon as you are ready with the project, you can send it on its way:

  • December 15, 2017
  • March 15, 2018
  • June 15, 2018
  • September 15, 2018

This is a very easy-to-apply scholarship that doesn’t require you to submit additional documentation like proof of GPA, financial need, school transcripts or letters of recommendations. Just let your imagination flow and start creating a fun, appealing infographic that will hopefully impress the judges at FormSwift. In return for your efforts, you can be awarded a $1,000 scholarship for college.


  1. Am in need of financial assistance to enable me finish the medical course am persuing in Uganda

  2. Hello sir …
    Can you give me information about the scholarship and tell me how is this scholarship and if is it free how can I register and process it thanks

  3. Good morning sir I wish to go into my master program in civil engineering but I don\’t have the fund to do so pls help me with the scholarship pls.thanks

  4. Hi,i need scholarship to study.and improve my family and help other studebt who dobt know how to finish teir course too.i will be happy to ve helped.

  5. need to further on my architectural studies so please i need a financial support from you. will be grateful to hear back the good news

  6. Dear Concerns,
    I write to apply for your grant to enable me study NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

    Kind regards,

  7. Am mother to 3children being single and jobless right now am really In of assistance. One is supposed to be at campus this year but we donot have the money.

  8. Greetings,
    I believe that i should obtain this grant as it will prove to be a great asset to my desire to study law… I\’m an undergraduate who wishes to attend college in the US,

    Thank you for your time
    Sincerely yours

  9. I am secondary school teacher who needs a professional upgrade. I really financial help for my income is too small to support my ambition.

  10. I am a secondary school teacher who needs a professional upgrade but the challenge is that my annual income is too small to support this ambition. I really need financial help.

  11. Please I really need this scholarship, I finish secondary school since 2016, and I have written jamb like twice with good grade, but couldn\’t enter school because there is no
    body to sponsor me…I would so much appreciate it if this opportunity is given to me….God bless the organizer

  12. ok am Benedict Simiyu from Kitale. I.just read your posts online and have seen some fine people who are fullfilling there dreams because of your company .thanks for helping the society .I am here and certain that you can help me out .
    First i finished school in 2017 with a D in my KCSE exams.However my dream was to study a certificate course on filmmaking and production abroad under a scholarship or sponsorship please.

    secondly,I know it my seem awkward or wrong but its true .Currently i dont have any documents pertaining the visas and qualifications to be abroad example fees for application forms and the rest.
    Thirdly,I dont know if qualify for the scholarship and eligibility requirements since i got that grade .i did not even have the opportunity since i had no.access or thoughts of it.
    In addition to that i realy wish to study from outside africa in any country overseas .if i can have achance to be there i will nake sure to follow my dream and comeback to help the society today surrounding me .Also i can and will serve my country as a sign to thankyou for enabling me follow my career .I also want help building young peoples lives and also the disabled people with difficulties too.
    I humbly ask for help from you please help .Thankyou

  13. Hi,first thanks to give the chance of scholar ship to applicant ,then I need the scholar ship to learn in department of Management Please help me I need this chance please please help,God help your organization.

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