Procrastinators can apply for late-deadline scholarships

Haven’t had time to submit your scholarship applications? Not to worry, there is still time to secure some last minute funding

Ideally you’d start applying for scholarships as soon as you decide that you are going to enroll with a traditional or online college course or degree. Sooner is better when it comes to securing funding for college, but some students will find themselves in a situation where they start college in a few months, but have no available funds to pay for it.

We’re not here to judge and tell you, you should have known better. We’re here to offer solutions. Getting funds for your college education online or offline in summer might not be the easiest task, but it’s feasible. Here are a few pointers you could follow.

Maybe you’ve dreamed to be able to pay for college all by yourself. You envisioned yourself as the recipient of a full-ride scholarships, but unfortunately the odds didn’t turn out in your favor. What do you do? Do you abandon your college education online or offline dreams? Not really. You keep pushing to achieve your goal.

Your first offline or online college course is just a few months away? Then it might be time to reach out to your family and ask them to help offset the cost of college by contributing to a tax-advantaged college savings account known as a 529 plan. Or they could help you pay for college necessities directly.

Another way to ensure you have money to pay for school tuition is to cut costs and cut costs drastically. Try living modestly for a few months by setting up a tight budget and looking for ways to decrease costs to save money.

Or you could fire up that browser on your computer once again and start looking for late-deadline scholarship contests. Like the one we’re going to be talking about below.

Enter the BigSun scholarship – which is open to student athletes, regardless of the sport they are engaged in. In order to apply, candidates will have to make use of their creativity and write a short essay which answers the following questions:

  • How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you?
  • Has your participation influenced your career goals?
  • Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family?

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is June 19, 2018, so it’s perfect for students who are a step away from starting college, but for a reason or another haven’t managed to gather the necessary funds to pay for their school tuition. The BigSun scholarships awards only $500 in funding, but any free money is good money when you’re trying to pursue a noble goal like paying for your education.

Other late-deadline scholarship opportunities are also available; all you need to do is take some time to research the topic a little bit. These particular type of scholarships usually require you submit a short essay in order to apply, so it shouldn’t take you too long to send out a few scholarship applications in the months remaining before a new college year begins.



  1. I\’m mequannt from Ethiopia
    Second year electrical &computer engineering at AAiT
    and I have an interest to study abroad
    Please help me

  2. Hello am Esther a fourth year student in Kenyatta university,in Kenya.I have a interest in studying aboard am a bachelor student.
    Please help me get a scholarship.

  3. Am from Somalia am fresh student from secondary and want to degree on public administration and I have completed secondary 2009 and wanted to join university, but due to lack of chance I was enable due to lack of free, I need chance since I grew up the biggest refugee in northern Kenya. I need your help please.

  4. am benon from uganda ,i need a scholarship to study abroad for a deploma in electrical engineering and computer science .how can i be helped.

  5. Am Njobvu neverson, having s bachelor\’s of pharmacy and wishing to farther my studies by studying masters degree in oncology or nuclear pharmacy. I need a scholarship

  6. Please I need your help on this coming scholarship because I have no one to sponsor me in my education and I want to be a literate in education

  7. I am katongole Moses .I really need and I request for this scholarship to continue with my studies abroad.and I hope to use this opportunity very well

  8. Hi, I\’m Mohamed from Sierra Leone and i want to study Software engineering…. so i need your support please help.

  9. Just got done with my bar course exams n would like to further my studies…like doing a master in taxation…. Would use your help…Aisha nagawa is ma name….Ugandan by nationality

  10. Hello my name is nuura
    I am somali girl i was finish in seconder school last year so i need your support to give me scholership i want to study civil engineering please help

  11. Hello my name is nuura
    I am somali girl i was finish in seconder school last year so i need your support to give me scholership i want to study civil engineering please help

  12. Aoa,
    My name is Waqas I m suffering frok accute depression and I have beared a big loss in bussiness I have nothing to do plz pay my kids school fee for six months kindly contact with me 03329350197

  13. My name is ofentse l am student enrolled with the institution of gauteng city college l need financial assistance to further my studies pls help

  14. Hi, my name is Unathi Xala. I am currently looking to pursue my Masters in Industrial Psychology or a Master\’s in Evaluation Programming. More so I would like funding for my studies.

  15. Hey Sir!
    Iam Matoch Makur from South Sudan, (Africa) and Am constantly looking for fully-funded scholarship to continue my studies in any country.
    I have been facing financial hardship right from the time I completed Diploma in Human Nutrition.
    Please kindly offer me a chance in your scholarship programme to achieve my goals.
    May God bless you all for the work you have done to us!

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