Students in need of financial assistance can apply for this scholarship

You need to act fast if you want to win this $5,000 scholarships, as only the first 500 applications will be considered


Many students start their scholarship search around the time they finish their college education online or offline applications, but experts encourage younger students and their families to think about starting the process earlier.

Why is that? You see, it’s much easier to choose among colleges you know you will be able to afford than to have to opt for backup schools because you find out too late that your number one choice is financially out of reach.

Some traditional or distance learning education students have started their scholarship search since junior high. Once you begin your quest for funding, you need to be aware that scholarships might affect other aid you may be receiving. However, some aid, like the income-based federal Pell grants, aren’t affected by other sources of funding.

But some college education online or traditional institutions will first reduce the loans they offer you based on the amount of outside scholarships, then cut grants only if the outside scholarship exceeds the loans.

However, if you decide to get all your college money through scholarships, note that the majority of bursary providers don’t have a problem with you merging two or more scholarships.

On top of starting their scholarship search early, students should also consider ways of lowering tuition costs. In general, students can lower their tuition by choosing to attend college in-state, finding where the tuition is lowest based on their major or pursuing a degree that offers extra scholarships or grants (like STEM for example).

Most of the times, the cheapest alternative is pursuing distance learning education, but there are exceptions to this rule, so you need to be quite attentive and read all the information regarding a certain degree before getting excited about it and jumping on board with it.

To give you an example of a scholarship opportunity for which you need to send in the application as soon as possible, here’s the SixtScholars Program.

The rent-a-car service is offering a scholarship program for students who are currently in high school seniors but are planning to pursue higher education.

In order to apply for this $5,000 award, students have to demonstrate a minimum GPA of 3.7, which means that only those with a spotless academic record are invited to apply for this one.

But students need to react fast, as only the first 500 submitted applications will be taken into consideration. The deadline for this year is November 30, 2017.

The application needs to include a current, complete transcript of grades, as well as a complete Applicant Appraisal Form. A copy of the first two pages of the most recent IRS Form 1040 should also be included.

In order to be sure you will be considered for the grant, you need to act fast. If you’re reading this now you still have a month ahead to get all your documents ready and submit your application. Don’t forget: the sooner the better.


  1. am MUGONDE ISAAC from Uganda.
    Am done with senior 6. And am in need of scholarship so as to be able to join a university

  2. I have completed Shs and I am in need with a scholarship so that I could join mine fellow mates in the university. I could send you mine results so that you can cross check

  3. i am from developing country i can\’t afford school fee i complete msc in environmental science please accept me

  4. i am from developing country i can\\’t afford school fee i complete msc in environmental science please accept me

  5. i\’m from a developing country… I have done BS(hons) and I need scholarship for further studies… kindly consider me for this opportunity.

  6. hi iam in need of a scholarship partly because I don\’t having the ability to sponsor myself. iam orphan without any parents nor siblings. any help will be appreciated

  7. My names are chipulenu Antoinette sachelo I just completed my olevels ,i wish to apply for a scholarship in medicine surgery mbbs

  8. My name is Osifo Sandra.. I just finished secondary school…. I can\’t sponsor myself and want to apply for psycho therapy

  9. I am a high school graduate (\’o\’ level or secondary school graduate ) i need a scholarship to study cardiology(cardiothoracic surgery) in any medical university in russia

  10. My name is Abere Tesfaye from Ethiopia I have BA degree in Geology. I want to attend my masters degree please help me.

  11. Am Kamoga Andrew a Ugandan i have a diploma in horticulture got from Uganda and a diploma in agriculture which i got from israel. i want to get a degree in agriculture. am asking please how can i apply.

  12. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands, graduated in dual proramme diploma in Business management and leadership and management(human Resources), certificate iv in leadership and management at Australia pacific Technical college in 2018.(campus in Solomon islands) Diploma and bachelors taken in Australia.

    Please assit me with this schorlship to do my Bachelor degree in leadership and management/MBA at Australia pacific technical college, next further studies but have NO money to pay for tuition fees and living costs in Australia. including travel and student visa

    Please help me, I need this schorlship to serve my country, people and children who depend on me for survival especially in low income country Solomon islands.

    Please arrange with the Australia pacific Technical college to assit me with this schorlship, I will seek placement as well should I be consider for this schorlship with APTC(Australia pacific Technical college, study year 2020

    consider me please.

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

    appreciate if you should give me this opportunity to study More to and gain more experience in other to archive my goals in life.

    Best regards.

  14. my name is Samuel and I would really be happy if I could get this scholarship, I wanna study biology or even public health because that would be great

  15. My name is Patrick am from Nigeria I just completed my o level and I want to gain admission into collage, am a very smart student and I hope u will consider taking me, you won\’t regret it. I would like to study aeronautical engineering

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