Accredited universities will always offer scholarships and grants

Not sure if the college you’ve applied too is accredited? Just check if they offer funding opportunities or not

As the years pass, degree programs or e-learning programs are becoming more and more vital in the world of higher education. Because technology has become ubiquitous, online programs make it possible for people from around the globe to reach their educational goals.

But as students consider which online university to apply to they need to be aware of one thing – aim for accredited schools online only! Students would do well to recognize and avoid the diploma mills which basically are universities that aren’t accredited. Accreditation is necessary to ensure a basic level of quality in the education you receive from an institution – be it that we are talking about offline or online degree programs. It also ensures your degree will be recognized as the true achievement it is and that you’ll be able to use it to apply for a job.

There are plenty of accredited schools online, but sometimes you might stumble upon an institution which employs dubious tactics. For example, it might offer credits for a suspiciously low amount of work.

Furthermore, being enrolled with a non-accredited university might kill your chances of getting financial aid. Students who want to get access to federal loans or grants should make absolutely sure they are enrolled with an accredited institution or risk to lose the governmental support.

It’s not always easy to recognize such institutions, but the majority have some features in common, which at least indicate that you should investigate further. Non-accredited universities or diploma mills often offer degrees and diploma for sale or claim accreditation but show no proof of having been accredited by a genuine accreditation organization. Sometimes they offer education, degrees or diplomas at a suspiciously low cost. If you encounter any of these signs – they should trigger alarm bells in your mind.

On top of ruining your chances for governmental sponsorship, these institutions don’t offer any scholarship opportunities. Any respectable educational establishment should do so.

For example, the University of Greenwich is offering students who come from a household income of less than £25,000the possibility to apply for a scholarship. The cool part is that students don’t even need to apply for this scholarship, as the university simply selects the candidates based on eligibility criteria up to a certain number of awards. Selected parties will receive £1,000 fee waiver and £1,000 credited to an Aspire@Greenwich card.

If your university of choice is offering a similar program WITHOUT asking you to pay any additional taxes or fees, you can rest assure you are applying with an accredited institution.

We can’t stress enough the importance of attending an accredited online university. Make sure you invest your money and time in the right place, by conducting a preliminary research on the institution your targeting. Also don’t forget to address any red flags or concerns you might have regarding the particular institution.

Remember this – most potential employees review the applicant’s educational history to make sure they have received their diploma from a respectable university. If your degree comes from some shady institution, chances are it will hurt your chances to get the job.


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