As part of the initiative taken by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan to expose exemplary students from outside the Chinese territory (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) to the educational system imposed in Taiwan and to reinforce communication, understanding, and camaraderie between Taiwan and other countries across the globe, the MOE has pioneered the Taiwan Scholarship enabling international students pursue their degree programs in Taiwan. Applicants awarded with Taiwan scholarship are not entitled to obtain National Taipei University Scholarship.

Eligible students to the program taking undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Taiwan are each granted by MOE with the following benefits which last up to four years for undergraduate studies, two years for master degrees, and four years for doctorate courses whereas the award is available five years for students taking mixed degrees:

  1. School fees covering tuition and academic payments which include credit fees but excluding charges intended for administration, thesis advising, insurance premiums, accommodation and Internet access. The mentioned fee exceptions must be paid by the beneficiaries themselves. After validating the tuition and other fees covered by the scholarship, each recipient is awarded an amount of NTD 40,000 per semester by the MOE. In case that the included fees exceed the given amount, either the recipient or the recipient’s college shall be responsible for the rest of all costs.
  2. Subsistence allowance amounting to NTD 15,000 monthly is provided for those taking an undergraduate study while the value can go up to NTD 20,000 for postgraduate students. The stipend is given within the period starting from the month upon the recipient’s registration at the universities/colleges to the award’s expiration period or upon any of the following situations: commencement, departure, postponement, kicking out, or scholarship revocation of the student.

The awarding periods for every year start on the 1st day of September until 31st day of August of the subsequent year. Within this period, the recipient must arrive in Taiwan and enroll at the university/college of their choice. In case of delays, the student can only proceed once accepted by pertinent institutions and the MOE. The grant will be annulled without deferrals if the student fails to reach Taiwan for listing during the said time.

A student can be entitled to the scholarship given that:

  1. S/he is a citizen of a foreign country and gained a secondary school diploma or a post-secondary degree program(s) having a sterling academic performance and a good moral character.
  2. S/he has applied directly to any university/college covered by Taiwan Scholarship before or by the given deadline.

After the student gets qualified for the scholarship, s/he must submit all of the following requirements before the validation period end:

  1. Application Form solely intended for Taiwan Scholarship
  2. Original or photocopy of the applicant’s passport or any certification stating his/her nationality
  • Genuine academic record and a copy of the applicant’s highest degree stated in the Chinese or English language. If any of the aforementioned is released by overseas learning institutions, it must be validated by an international Representative Office or be sealed and transported by the awarding institutions.
  1. Original or photocopied version of any application material for admission to Taiwanese colleges/universities (application fee remittance copies, complete form of application, application receipt from college/university, e-mails, etc.)
  2. Original or photocopied report of a language proficiency:
    1. Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) Basic or above certification result
    2. Test marks from the TOEFL (English) or other standard English language proficiency examinations or degrees awarded in English for all-English program applicants with an exemption for nationals who speak the English language
  3. Two suggestion letters (may come from principals, professors, or supervisors) signed and concealed in envelopes only not photocopied or sent via e-mail.
  • Required documents added by the individual delegate offices

For more details about the program, kindly visit the following website:


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  3. Thanks for this very wonderful opportunity, I hereby wish to submit my plea for the above mentioned scholarship, I wish to kindly request for my consideration. Thanks, God bless you all

  4. Am from Cameroon presently we are having crisis and I wish to continue my education please if need be help me

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    I again admire your optimist thinking for you are helping us regardless of who we are and from where we are.

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  10. How do I apply? Is there any application to fill? M trying to apply for a scholarship due to family problems and school fee issues in couldn\’t continue school

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