National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science (KUAS) has granted scholarships available for international students to cater their needs in the university. This is in line with KUAS goal to engage students outside Taiwan to study at the university without any worries for their expenses during their stay at the university. The scholarship was made possible by the enhanced cooperation of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) with other institutions inside and outside the campus. Aside from MOE, other funding sources include the Studying Abroad Scholarship of Outstanding Students which gets their resources from the Office of Student Affairs under KUAS, contributions, and interest.

To get qualified for the scholarship, the applicant must be a listed international student of KUAS and is not subjected to suspension, expulsion or any disciplinary measures during his/her stay at the university. However, Taiwanese countryman abroad and students coming from Chinese territory are not included in the qualification.

Once entitled to a scholarship, an applicant who wishes to take any doctoral program offered at KUAS may choose from the two types of scholarship available for doctoral students.

  1. Category A scholarship worth NT$10000 monthly is granted for enlisted, permanent doctoral students whereas NT$6000 is provided by the Office of Student Affairs while another NT$2000 is provided by their Department and their advisor.
  2. Category B scholarship worth NT$6000 monthly is granted for enlisted, permanent doctoral students whereas NTS4000 is provided by the Office of Student Affairs while another NT$1000 is provided by their Department and their advisor.

The scholarship may last up to three years for each student taking any doctoral course. Keep in mind that the value of education grant and the number of beneficiaries may be fixed by the Committee depending on the abovementioned aids.

During the first semester of each school year, the recipients of the scholarships will be announced and the education grants will be given accordingly. Upon the given notice, applicants must comply with the requirements to be reviewed by the Office on International Affairs.

  1. Complete Form of Application
  2. Original or photocopied version of Certification stating Alien Residency
  • Bankbook copy (indicating the account holder’s name, account number, and details about the bank)
  1. Form for evaluating doctoral students which are submitted to their advisors every February and September. This is imposed so that the advisors can evaluate the merits and academic records whereas freshmen are put aside.
  2. Monthly report tracking the student’s progress in academic areas.

Selection of the scholars is done by the Committee which reviews applications annually. Scholars are chosen based on their personal merit and performance on all academic areas. The scholarship is also renewable as judged by the Committee upon another applications and uninterrupted eligibility. However, recipients of education grants from other government organizations administered by the Republic of China are not entitled to the scholarship.

Benefits covered by the two types of scholarship for students taking any doctorate program include fully paid fees for tuition, credit, and dormitory.

For further information, kindly download the Guidelines for International Students Scholarships of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (KUAS).


  1. Thank you Peter, I want to apply for online distance learning masters in Education precisely Educational leadership and management. Could you please assist with some scholarship offers? Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Idrissa Fabbah a Sierra Leone citizen living in the Gambia. please I would be so much happy if you can help me with scholarship to study in your university UK

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Angeline Y.Beh a Senior student at Cuttington University studying Nursing as major. I am in need of scholarship to study Public Health in UK University please. I am Liberian .

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  5. Dear sir/ma\’am
    I\’m Dorathy Alumona..a college student big microbiology,I will very grateful if I will be given this scholarship to study BSC in your university.

  6. Great to hear!
    I really want to have that chance so that I can focus on my studies in an
    given country.
    I have done Diploma in Nutrition and would like to upgrade but I do not have financial support to continue again.
    So I really need to be help out.
    many thanks!

  7. Hi i really need this scholarship.and i want to do my BA in economics please help me. Because our country is in bad condition

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